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Candidates must be proposed and seconded by existing members. Although the Club endeavours to ensure that only candidates who will respect the traditions and ethos of the Club should be elected to membership, it does not seek to place artificial barriers to membership. If you are interested in joining the Northern Counties Club and do not know someone who can propose or second you, do not be afraid to contact the General Manager and ask for his advice.

Benefits of Membership

  • A place for members to enjoy the tradition of club life, updated for modern living
  • Reciprocal arrangements with 54 clubs around the World, including ten in London
  • A great place to eat and drink, to socialise and entertain
  • Traditional and personal service from a long serving team of professionals
  • Business facilities available including complimentary broadband
  • Located close to business, quayside, University, entertainment and shopping districts
  • A comprehensive social calendar of events throughout the year
  • Business and social networking opportunities
  • A grand and unique venue for meetings and conferences, functions and special occasions
  • Overnight city centre accommodation available seven days a week
  • Peaceful, private and secure
  • Exclusivity and prestige without ostentation
  • Straightforward membership process
  • Value for money prices for all products and services


Full Membership (ages under 25) £90
Full Membership (ages 25 to 29) £170
Full Membership (ages 30 to 34) £250
Full Membership (ages 35 to 39) £360
Full Membership (age 40 and over) £590
Full Family Membership £675
12 Day (Country) Membership £360
12 Day (Country) Family Membership £410
Service & Temporary Membership £75 per quarter

* Family membership includes spouse, and children between the ages of 18-21 inclusive.

** In addition to the subscription there is an entrance fee of £150.00 for all new members aged 30 and over. This fee will be waived for sons and daughters of existing members.